Frequently Asked Questions

Below you'll find questions we commonly get asked about chiropractic care.

Is chiropractic safe?​

Yes. Research supports both the safety and efficacy of chiropractic care. Chiropractic is natural and does not involve any drugs or surgery. As with anything, there is a small risk of adverse effects, though these are rare and we will ensure you are informed of these risks prior to beginning care. 

Is it okay to see a chiropractor while I'm pregnant?

Most certainly! Anytime is a good time for a better functioning nervous system. Pregnant mothers often find that chiropractic adjustments improve their pregnancy and make delivery easier for themselves and their baby.

What causes the “cracking” sound during a chiropractic adjustment?

A chiropractic adjustment involves the movement of joints within their normal range, which causes a natural change in the internal pressure of the joint. This can result in a small release of nitrogen gas which may sound like a “crack” or “pop”. If this makes you uncomfortable, please know there are many other low force methods of adjusting the spine that are equally as effective. Just let us know what you prefer.

Will it hurt?

In normal circumstances, adjustments should be pain-free and are often said to be relieving. In some cases, inflamed tissue may cause slight discomfort, particularly as your body begins to heal itself!

Why do children need chiropractic care?

Significant spinal trauma can occur during the birthing process, so many parents have their newborns checked for subluxations. Naturally, chiropractic adjusting procedures are adapted specifically for the child’s spine. Many childhood health complaints that are brushed off can be traced to the spine and resolved. Health problems that emerge in adulthood may also be prevented by having your children’s spines checked by a chiropractor early in life. Most children enjoy their chiropractic adjustments and experience greater health than their peers.

Once I start chiropractic care, will I have to keep going forever?

That is completely up to you however we recommend regular checks to ensure your spine and nervous system are free from interference and to have you functioning at your best. Many of the greatest benefits of chiropractic are seen with regular care. 

Do I need a referral?

No. Chiropractors are recognised as primary health care providers and therefore you can come see us right away, without a referral from your GP.

How are chiropractors educated?

Chiropractors are very well educated. The Bachelor of Chiropractor degree in New Zealand requires at least 5 years of full-time study with a special emphasis on anatomy, physiology, pathology, neurology, biomechanics, x-ray, spinal adjusting techniques, and related subjects. This curriculum prepares chiropractic doctors to locate and analyze subluxations and help to correct the resulting nervous system and biomechanical dysfunction. Each intern must pass the demanding New Zealand Board Examinations before they can practice. A chiropractic education never ends, with chiropractors attending numerous seminars and conferences every year to stay current on the latest scientific research and techniques. 

How much does it cost?

Here at Evolve Chiropractic we believe chiropractic care should be affordable and accessible to all. Following an initial consultation fee ($120 adult/$80 child), we have a flexible fee system that is designed to allow every individual access to regular care. This will vary depending on your circumstances, but don’t worry, we will talk you through this at your visit!

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