Why We are Paediatric and Family Chiropractors

It is our belief that if every parent understood how critical it is for their children to have a properly functioning nervous system and that chiropractic adjustments remove stress to that system, that no parent would ever dream of not having their children checked at birth and throughout life.

“But why does a child need to be adjusted?”

Not all children need to be adjusted. However, they all need to be checked. Extremely common spinal misalignments known as vertebral subluxations cause stress on the very system that controls and regulates all the development, function and potential of your children. The stress is often not noticeable. Other times it presents itself as decreased immune function, failure to thrive, asthma, or other conditions that are dependent upon the nervous system function.

Why guess?

Life is full of unknowns. The full potential of each and every child is a precious thing and what we all want for our children as parents. Making chiropractic a part of your lifestyle gives your family more of what you all deserve and desire.

To find out if vertebral subluxation is affecting your family’s quality of life, health, well-being, call 03 352 7500 and our helpful team will assist you.

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