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Trusting Your Body – Trusting Chiropractic

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Intelligence and You

We all trust our bodies. We often do it without realising, taking for granted how incredible we truly are. As you are reading this, you are trusting your heart to beat, your lungs to take in oxygen, and to carry out every function required to sustain life. What we are trusting is an inborn intelligence. It an intelligence that gives us the amazing capacity to self-heal and self-regulate and is what we innately entrust with the natural processes of pregnancy and childbirth. Our bodies simply know what to do. Yet, so many individuals start to lose trust in that intelligence. They experience or observe health challenges that seem like bad luck – such as the hopeful parents frustrated with fertility problems, mothers with complicated pregnancies and births, exhausted parents with constantly screaming and unsettled babies. I see every day who have settled for believing that pain and dysfunction are just part of life. There is no luck involved when it comes to your health, so I want to share with you how to maximise your body’s functioning and health, trusting the body’s inbuilt intelligence and allowing it to thrive instead of survive.

So, you have an intelligent body. Tick. But how do you turn that intelligence into healthy function? The nervous system! It is the master control system of the body co-ordinating the function of every cell in the body. Your entire life and health depend on these messages effectively traveling from your brain, down your spinal cord, to your body and back again. This feedback loop allows your body to constantly adapt to stress in the environment, without compromising your health and overall functioning. Keeping these pathways functioning clearly is vital if we want to trust our body to function as it was designed to.


In an ideal world, our nervous system would constantly adapt to stress and keep our body functioning perfectly all the time. However, in the 21st century, we and our children are exposed to more stress than ever. I’m talking about physical stresses (such as bumps and falls, poor posture, repetitive activities), chemical stresses (such as dehydration, environmental and nutritional toxins) and emotional stresses (work, family, money, natural disasters) that are ever-present in our daily lives. Our body’s capacity to adapt to all this stress is finite, and an overload of stress can exceed our adaptability, leading to activation of the sympathetic nervous system or “fight or flight mode”.

The sympathetic nervous system prepares for stress by protecting the spinal cord with a locking down of the spine, also known as a subluxation. This disrupts the flow of regulatory and healing information in the body, in favour of more vital functions. We are geared up for survival! It’s like low battery mode on your phone, where the screen dims and you lose some functions to preserve life. And without connecting it to a charger, what would you expect to happen? It won’t ever recover! This is exactly what happens in your body – the disrupted feedback system means your body’s adaptability decreases, dysfunction increases and your health suffers as a consequence. So, what if I told you that we can recharge your body?

Trusting Chiropractic!

This is where chiropractic comes in! Chiropractors are the only health practitioners trained to locate, analyse and correct these subluxations, with safe and specific adjustments to the spine. These adjustments influence brain activity and redirect energy away from the sympathetic nervous system and toward the parasympathetic, known as “rest and restore” mode. With restored communication pathways between brain and body, regulatory systems begin to restore, your own innate healing kicks in to get your health and functioning back on track. Leaving subluxations uncorrected can lead to degeneration, irreversible damage and chronic health problems. Chiropractic is a proactive way to improve your health and functioning for a lifetime, and more and more families are seeking care for that very reason!

When Should You Get Checked?

Many wonder how they know if they need to get checked? In the early stages of subluxation – you won’t! Pain and discomfort is the last symptom of dysfunction, so if you’ve never been checked by a chiropractor, the sooner the better. Restoring your nervous system when it is compromised is ALWAYS a good idea. And you’re never too old to benefit! Many individuals under chiropractic care are surprised at how much better they feel, wishing they’d known earlier! It is no surprise that many professional athletes get adjusted to perform at their best. It is even safe in pregnancy, where research has supported better pelvic floor control and easier birthing, as well as promoting optimal fetal positioning with a well-aligned pelvis.

Having babies checked from birth maximises their health, functioning and development and their clever wee bodies require only very gentle adjusting. Some early signs of subluxation in babies are one-sided sleeping or feeding preferences, colic, reflux, uneven head shapes or crying when in capsules or lying on the floor. Addressing these subluxations earlier in life can prevent issues later in life, such as sleeping difficulties, fatigue or lack of energy, inflexibility, neck or back pain, balance problems, anxiety, headaches, numbness, tingling or weakness, bowel or bladder dysfunction… the list is endless. Any dysfunction in your body may be caused by subluxations in the spine affecting the nerves that supply those areas. Correcting any subluxations in your spine is a guarantee that your nervous system and in turn, your body will regulate, heal and function better.

Summing Up…

At the end of the day, the nervous system is without a doubt the most important part of the human body. Taking care of it is essential if we are to trust our body to work effectively and intelligently. If you’ve never been checked by a chiropractor, you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain. Your idea of normal could be far from your body’s best, and with improved function, the greater your health. The less you are limited by your body, the greater opportunity you have for experiencing and maximising your life. And how could you not want that?

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